DE Lobby Server

Multiplayer games are managed and initiated via DE Lobby Server. The lobby server implements a simple HTTP API for user and game management.

The HTTP API is documented with Open API Specification: openapi.yaml.


The server is configured via environment variables:

  • DE_DB_URL (required) – SQLite database URL passed to SqliteConnectOptions of sqlx Rust library.

  • DE_JWT_SECRET (required) – A Base64 encoded secret used for signing and validation of JSON Web Tokens (JWT). The secret must have between 12 and 86 characters.

    Make sure to invalidate all JWT by changing the secret after any changes or purges of the database.

  • DE_HTTP_PORT (optional) – HTTP server port number. Defaults to 8080.

  • RUST_LOG (optional) – logging configuration, see env_logger documentation.