Camera Movement

Move your mouse close to a screen edge to move the camera along the map surface (north, south, west, east) or use the arrow keys.

Use mouse wheel to zoom closer or further from the terrain.

Press and hold shift or the mouse wheel and then move your mouse to tilt and/or rotate the camera around its focus point on the terrain.


Left Click

  • Moves the camera to the target.

Right Click

  • Sends selected units to the click position.
  • Sets manufacturing delivery location to the click position.


  • Escape — cancel current action or display menu.

Building and Unit Selection

Left click on any of your units or buildings to select it. Press and hold Ctrl before left clicking on buildings and units to (de)select more entities.

Drag mouse to select all entities inside a rectangle. Press and hold Ctrl extend current selections instead of replacing it.

Double click on a unit to select all visible units of that type. Holding Ctrl adds to the existing selection.

Press Ctrl+A to select all entities.

Press Ctrl+Shift+A to select all visible entities.

Building Construction

You have to select a building to construct by pressing a key, place it on an empty place on the terrain by moving your mouse and then confirm the construction by left clicking the mouse.

Building Keys

  • B — Base
  • P — Power Hub

Unit Manufacturing

  • Select a single building with a factory (for example a base).
  • Clicking "manufacture unit" buttons in the bottom middle panel enqueues the units for manufacturing.

Delivery Location

Right clicking on the terrain sets manufacturing delivery location to the click position.

Commanding Units and Buildings

Right click on the terrain sends selected units to that location. Right click on an enemy building or a unit commands selected units and buildings to attack that entity.